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Focus on what matters.

Here at Unify, we understand how much you value your time. Let us look after the things that matter to your business online. Our maintenance plans ensure your website is running to its full potential whilst giving you peace of mind, knowing your website is taken care of.

Website Maintenance.

Our maintenance plans are bespoke to your business requirements. We sit down with you to discuss your websites requirements and then build your support package around you. A support plan will typically consist of hosting and web support, website updates, security measures and a set amount of hours per month with which updates to your website can be requested.

Campaign Management.

Need help with your digital marketing campaign? We can setup your landing page, optimise your campaign, amend content and so much more in order to get you more for less. You will also receive monthly analytics and a detailed report on what we’ve changed. If you’re new to digital marketing, please contact us for more information or visit our digital marketing page.

What we provide.

Domain Management.

If you need help transferring, purchasing, renewing, securing or setting up your domain – we can help! Our Domain management also includes email management.

Website Backups.

Backing up your website is a must if you care about your business online. Have peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong with your website, we have backups.

Hosting Management.

Hosting can be confusing. Not to worry – our team ensure that things run smoothly in the background, monitoring the speed and performance of your site on a daily basis.

Security Updates.

The data on your website is private, especially if you’re holding customers data. We can ensure that your website is protected with the latest technologies.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Looking a higher organic ranking on the all so important rankings? We’ll check your website speeds, content and give you tips that can help your organic ranking.

Page Updating.

Need to add images? More text or a new promotion that you’re offering? Not a problem. Let our team get things done properly when updating your website.

Mobile Optimisation.

Over 50% of users visit websites on their mobile devices. We’ll ensure that your website is user-friendly and fully functional on mobile devices and different browsers.

Analytic Reporting.

Track age, location, popular times and so much more. We’ll send you an analytic report of your website every month with detailed information about what’s going on.

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