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About the company.

TweetPay (formly known as Twitter-Payment) is a web-based company that provides a unique free social marketing tool. The company currently has 10,000 unique monthly visitors with an aim to reach 100,000 within the next 12 months.

Tweet Pays' website on mac screen

What was needed.

Logo Redesign, Website Design, Website Development

The brief.

With an already 10,000 unique users visiting the website every month, TweetPay decided that they needed to mix things up in order to reach their traffic goal of 100,000 monthly users.

They required a modern, unique and funky look to their brand in order to stand out which was easy to use. One of the initial problems with their old website was the lack of straight forward guides on how to use their Twitter button.

What we did.

We started off with TweetPays’ new logo – Dan, the Director of TweetPay wanted to ensure that their flagship bird was kept in the design. We dived straight in and suggested a cloud based theme which would be used throughout the design of the website and could fit into the new branding.

With the previous website lacking guides on how to create, embed and use the button we wanted to ensure the new website design provided this information easily and in a graphically appealing way! To do this, we made use of the cloud – displaying simple steps on the button creation process. We also created a custom button builder which allows users have complete customisation over the button they create.

A funky feature that we implemented into the website was the ‘TweetPay Bird’. We recreated the TweetPay flagship bird into one that follows your mouse wherever you move it, keeping a close eye on your movements!

The new website is equipped with an easy to use mobile and tablet interface making it easier for their predominantly mobile customer base. We ensure that each and every one of our websites is highly responsive on all devices for a fantastic user experience.

We’re now tracking TweetPays’ progress over the next 24 months to see it progress! Go ahead and take a look at the website here.

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