Time is money and money is… the difference between a packet of scrumptious Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies or one of those cheap knock offs with the dodgy packaging. But I digress, my Jelly Baby snobbery has nothing to do with this article (that’s a separate article).

Anyway! Here are some of the cool tools we use here at Unify to make our lives a little easier.


Great for making a quick checklist in a hurry. Wunderlist allows you to create a to do list and then share and edit it with others. You can then tick off each item, which results in a highly satisfying ping!

Pros: Quick and easy to use with a friendly user interface.

Cons: Not great for organisation. I wouldn’t recommend using it for workflow management.

WhatsApp logo with banner

WhatsApp Desktop.

SUPER HANDY! Yes, it seems a little unprofessional but the amount we use WhatsApp to send information back and forth; it really does deserve a mention. The group chat options and the lightning fast image sharing; we can send screenshots in a copy paste manor and that in itself is SUPER HANDY!

Pros: Quick, easy, great for working remotely.

Cons: Just stick to short and sweet. Big files are a no no.

Google Drive.

A virtual folder on your PC/Mac which can be used to drag and drop files and then access these files from other devices (yeah, cloud storage). The amount of storage can be expanded and the cost is very reasonable. Without sharing our files across devices our workflow would take a huge hit!

Pros: 15GB free (£8 per month for 1TB), great for sharing files with other colleagues and across your own devices.

Cons: Upload and syncing speeds can be a little slow with bigger files so bare that it mind!


Trello is a great way to manage small to medium projects. The interface is friendly and you have the ability to create your own workflow funnels. It’s great for teams since everyone can have access and real time editing stops things from getting messy! Oh, and the base version is free if you just want a taste.

Pros: Easy to use, create tasks and assign them to individuals.

Cons: The project boards can be limiting. Prices can get a little steep for small businesses.


This is a pretty new addition for us, but so far, we are loving it! Evernote lets us manage all of our meeting notes, documents and other important information we need to keep a record of. It has a great user interface and a logical structure; plus, it can be accessed across virtually any device.

Pros: Makes keeping notes easy!

Cons: Free version has limited features.